Sky’s the Limit is no doubt a great skydiving center. Their aircraft fleet is top notch in the skydiving world which is great for any experienced jumper or first time jumper. Most DZ’s only have one or two aircraft and lease one every now and then. At Sky’s the Limit, they own all four of their aircraft. There’s a Super Otter, a Grand Caravan, and the good old staple Cessna-182. After taking a trip to other DZ’s, it’s easy to see why everyone keeps coming back to STL to jump out of their planes.

The Super Otter is a great plane to jump from on the weekends. It’s got seats in it which makes it more comfortable on the ride up. She’s fast, spacious, and there’s even a “No Loitering” sign at the door. The Otter is the perfect plane for any kind of skydiving from wingsuiting to freeflying to big-ways and everything in between.

The Caravan is an all-around favorite plane to jump from on the weekdays. It’s super-fast since it got an engine upgrade, sometimes it’s surprising how fast it climbs to altitude. The door is great on the Caravan. It’s got a bar on the inside and on the outside which makes it perfect for any grip or set up on exit.

The Cessna-182 is a great staple plane for any skydiving operation. The 182 at STL has a great engine and wing extensions. She’s even more spacious than other 182’s. This aircraft is great for a first time jump or just some fun jumps. Hop N Pop’s or high-pulls are great from this plane and spotting is extremely easy.

No matter what plane is flying on any given day at STL, it’s sure to be a great jump. They have the best maintained aircraft around. They are also all pretty fast which is great for any skydiver not matter what level they are at.


Located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, Sky’s The Limit is the ultimate skydiving center to fulfill your adrenaline needs. 

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