Jump Packages

Here at Sky’s the Limit we offer a wide range of services aimed to help cater your needs!

College Specials

We know that every student needs a break from school, so come enjoy the beautiful views of the Pocono mountains while you feel the rush of adrenaline from tandem skydiving. Leave your school worries on the ground while you get a breath of fresh air in the sky. On Wednesdays we offer a special priced tandem skydive for college students. Bring your college ID card when you come to Sky’s The Limit and receive your tandem skydive for $170.

Skydiving Marriage Proposal

Asking someone to tie the knot with you is a significant deal so you want to get it right! The pressure to pick the right location, instance and condition can all weigh heavy. So, why not look into some of the more extraordinary ways to do it. Try a skydiving marriage proposal with Sky’s the Limit!

People have found skydiving to be a great option to take that whimsical leap spoken of above. Relationships are all about placing confidence in your life and in another individual, and there’s no clearer way to show that than by a joining freefall jump from a couple thousand feet with another person.

Using a skydiving adventure to offer marital life to your significant other is ideal and it adequately reflects your connection to each other. You may feel like you’re part of a brave couple that loves to discover new places and get lost in exciting adventures, skydiving may be a great date idea. Even if you’re not preparing for matrimony, just taking the step to defy extreme heights with the person you love can cement the feelings you invigorate in that person.
STL will provide a banner, champagne & chocolates to help celebrate your very special moment.

For further information and pricing, please contact us and let’s start planning your special moment together!

Group Events

Get your family, friends, clients or co-workers together and enjoy an experience of a life time! For that ultimate outing with memories that will last a life time. Sky’s The Limit is for you. We have a beautiful onsite BBQ/Picnic area with plenty of entertainment to keep your guests happy, while waiting to make their skydive.

Let’s start planning your event today by contacting Teresa at Sky’s the Limit.

Corporate Events

It’s time to get your team motivated

Forget about boring meetings, Stand-up comic’s, Celebrity’s, or another boring Theme Party. Skydiving is the perfect way to bring your organization together and to create team building and memories that will last a life time. Whether you’re planning an executive trip or welcoming new hires into the corporation organization, we can help you put together an event that will stimulate and reawaken every member of your team, including those who may not wish to partake in skydiving adventures directly.

At Sky’s the limit skydiving center we have the resources and expertise to plan and support your event from Start to Finish. Skydiving at Sky’s The Limit is the ultimate and most unique company event to get your people truly motivated and keep your customers coming back.

Sky’s the Limit can help you with catering, transportation and any other needs you may require. Please contact us for special offers and discounts and start your team building today!

Military Discounts

As a thank you for serving us, Sky’s The Limit provides Military personnel special discount offers for your skydive!

Show your military ID and receive a discounted jump price any time, any day! We offer those returning from over seas duty a 50% discount off of the current price of a skydive. Contact us for additional information on receiving our special offers.

Skydiver Certification

Sky’s the Limit’s Student Program General Information

Regardless of discipline, the USPA Integrated Student Program advances students through eight categories of proficiency (A-H) to qualify them for their USPA A license.

Each student must complete a series of required skills and knowledge while making the prescribed training jumps for each category. The number of jumps to complete each category depends on the training discipline and the student’s performance. An appropriately rated USPA Instructor must directly supervise each student jump until the student is cleared to self-supervision upon completing Category F. A USPA Coach may conduct freefall training and supervise jumps for those students in Categories G through H.

Once meeting all the requirements listed on the USPA A-License Proficiency or Progression Card, the student will make a check-out jump with a USPA Instructor to be issued the USPA A license. The check-out jump consists of an overall review of the training and includes a final quiz with questions taken from the quizzes at the end of each category.

The USPA Integrated Student Program provides an effective and detailed progression for training students for their A license. It is not a required program or the only good training outline. However, students should ensure that the training program at their school meets the USPA standards outlined in the Basic Safety Requirements.