Coach Courses

Looking to get your coach rating? USPA Coach Courses are offered at Sky’s the Limit!

We offer flexible dates and have no class minimums (although we’d prefer at least 2 candidates).

Courses are held on demand and will be listed under our Facebook Events Page and our calendar of events. Have a specific date in mind? Give us a call!

All of our examiners are also multi-rated instructors with thousands of skydives. Due to our passion for the sport you won’t only leave with a wealth of knowledge but we will help guide you down whichever path you are looking to pursue! We believe there is always room to grow and learn and strongly feel there are “no dumb questions”. We are here to bring out the best in you and help you succeed!

Requirements to attend course:
Minimum of a B license and 100 jumps

1.Teach all general sections of a FJC until proficient and get an aff instructor to sign off the coach proficiency card (can be downloaded and printed from or taken out of IRM)

2. Have a SIM and IRM dated within 2 years to be used during the course (SIM can be downloaded for free at and the IRM can be purchased from

3. Read entire coach section in IRM and take coach test (bring completed test to course)

4. Read entire ISP (integrated student program) in SIM
The Fees are:
$275 for course + jump slots for air evaluations
*Bonus for candidates- you do NOT need to cover travel/lodging of examiner 🙂 
(Course fee will be paid to Coach Examiner via check or paypal day of course)

You will have 2 eval jumps. You will have to pay for your jump + the evaluators slot.
You will need to pay the USPA rating fee at the end of the course if successful (listed on coach proficiency card). 
If you want video (not required), you will pay separate for that.

Course begins at 8:30AM. Day 1 will mainly be class work with the remaining days for ground and air evaluations. Please pack lunch/snacks/drinks (there is only a vending machine on site).

A deposit of $50 towards your course fee is required to hold your slot. Please call manifest 570-420-1011 to reserve.

Contact Melissa with any questions: