We are an unusual bunch ranging from eighteen to ninety – something, come from all walks of life, students to professors in quantum physics, doctors, military.  You name a profession, we probably have someone who does it.  With such a diverse group, what do we all have in common ………….. We all fall out of airplanes from 2 ½ miles up and survive.  We get back in the airplane and do it time and time again.  Yup we are skydivers.

Are we nuts?  Probably!  Why do we do this? That question requires a longer answer.  For some people it is just to conquer a fear or tick off an item on a bucket list.  For others it is a passion, a way of life even.  For me, it’s the freedom, the view, the camaraderie and the adrenaline.  I started 20 years ago.  On jump number 4 I almost gave up, I was scared, but said a few curse words and carried on.  By jump number 5, I knew I was hooked.

It is hard to describe the freedom that skydiving gives me.  The rush of air as you jump out of the airplane, the sensation as you fall to earth, mostly gracefully, and then the sense of peace as your parachute opens and you fly gently to the earth are all things that keep me doing it again.  I have managed to jump in some of the most scenic places I know, Diani Beach in Kenya and the Blue Hole in Belize are my most memorable.  That being said, not matter where you are, from 13,500 feet, everywhere has its own beauty.

Whether you jump for fun, for competition or even for employment we are all brothers and sisters of the sky.


Located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, Sky’s The Limit is the ultimate skydiving center to fulfill your adrenaline needs. 

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