Skydiving at Sky’s the Limit Skydiving Center has been such an awesome experience.  The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and accommodating to all.  I was so excited to do my first tandem, I was scheduled at a different drop zone and on the day I was to jump, they were closed due to the weather.  I read reviews on the internet that morning about Sky’s the Limit and phoned Theresa, one of the DZO’s.  After I told her my story, her response was can you be here in an hour.  I made it!

My very first tandem was with Joe, he does his job very well.  He had the capability to keep me engaged in conversation all the way to 13,500 feet.  He has a way with words that brought on the feeling of I’m going to be ok.  Before I knew it we were out the door flying through the air and then we were back on the ground and I had just had the experience of a lifetime.  At that point I knew I was hooked and I made sure to tell everyone.  Despite the verbal feedback from all on my insane family and friends who have never jumped, I persisted with engaging in the ongoing endeavor of skydiving.  There are no words to describe skydiving to someone who has never jumped before except DO IT!

I have so many thanks to give for all the patience and kindness received from the staff towards me and my children.  Tony started me with AFP program and taught me the basics of piloting a canopy. Serena has the ability to instruct in the most unique way possible, I am thankful for her continued guidance in my pursuit of skydiving.  There were so many staff members who have welcomed me and groomed me to be the skydiver I am today.  I have met some of the most phenomenal people in the skydiving community.  Since obtaining my A license, my horizons have broadened immensely, from a 15 point 2 way, fun jumps, 5 ways and the canopy course, I look forward to the many jumps to come.  I wish I could quote everyone’s words of wisdom I have received, but that would be a long book.

Someone recently asked me if I am ever scared, I had to pause and think about it, which I don’t do often.  I’m never scared to jump, however I am always anticipating the awesome experience of feeling the ride up, the DOOR opening, jumping out, free falling and flying my canopy.  This morning during my first jump of the day, I took a moment to look outside the window to try and experience fear, but the only emotion was joy.  The appearance of a world which I once knew to be so large, now appeared to be so small and round.

From the very first tandem jump, all the way through the AFF course and obtaining my A license to my 54th jump today,  I have felt like part of the sky family which allowed me to engage and seek further instruction.  My son and I are the first mother and son AFF graduates out of the program at Sky’s the Limit.  Much history has been made here and will continue to be made for generations to come.  I look forward to the many years to come.

I appreciate all of the Sky’s the Limit staff and there are so many to thank, from office staff, instructors and packers.  Job well done!  Blue Skies forever!


Located in the heart of the Pocono Mountains, Sky’s The Limit is the ultimate skydiving center to fulfill your adrenaline needs. 

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