Sky’s The Limit – Super Grand Caravan 900HP

This will rocket 21 people to 13,500ft in LESS than 13 minutes. This is the fastest climbing Caravan available for skydiving. A true day-to-day workhorse for Sky’s The Limit. It’s almost fast enough to peel off the new paint! Come and enjoy this ONE of a kind SuperVan!

Sky’s The Limit – Dehaviland Super Otter

The Super Otter is the ultimate skydiving airplane, and is used by more drop zones than any other twin-engine aircraft ever made. Sky’s The Limit Super Otter has been upgraded to the largest powerhouse engines possible, -34′s, which means the fastest climb times to altitude in the northeast and seats 23 people to full altitude in about 13 minutes.

Sky’s The Limit – Cessna

The Cessna 182 is the second most popular Cessna aircraft. Its light weight, good airspeed and good climb rate suit this aircraft well for use in skydiving applications. This Cessna can carry 4 Jumpers to 10,000ft.