Skydiving at Sky’s The Limit

Will you be spending Summer of 2017 with Sky’s The Limit Skydiving Center at 13,500 feet?

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Sky’s The Limit Skydiving Center Video

Sky’s The Limit Skydiving Center is located only minutes off of I-80, only 75 miles from NYC, and 40 minutes from Morristown or Allentown.


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Ready To Go Skydiving? Helpful Tips For Your First Tandem Skydive

“I’ve always wanted to go skydiving.”

I heard someone say this across a crowded dinner table, and I said, “Oh, me too!”  Another person said “Well, you should do it.”

It was a challenge that I accepted first in 1994 and 5 times since then.

I didn’t expect to do it more than once, but the thrill is […]

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5 Reason To Skydive Right Now

Imagine looking out of an open door only to see the pure blue sky. It feels like there is nothing around you. You instantly get tunnel vision and stare into the void that is outside that door. You’re skydiving.

Lets face it, if you’re reading this post, you have an interest in jumping out of planes. […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Go Skydiving

A few weekends ago I was in Croatia to celebrate Halloween. Halloween is the epitome of “scary holidays”, so I figured why not do the scariest thing and jump out of a plane? So my friend and I decided to just go for it.

I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous about skydiving again. The first […]

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14 Things You Should Know Before You Go Skydiving For The First Time

1. Is skydiving hard?
No! If you’re skydiving for the first time, you’re probably doing a tandem dive, which is where you’re strapped to another human through a Baby Bjorn-like series of carabiners and knots, and that human throws you out of an airplane. Then he/she free-falls with you for a short while — probably less […]

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7 Reasons Why You Should Go Skydiving At Least Once in Your Life

Your heart is thumping and your mind is racing as a million and one thoughts go through your head. Your palms are sweaty, your vision tunnels, and all you can hear is the loud sound of the propellers along with that tiny voice in your head screaming holy sh*t as you creep towards the plane […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Go Skydiving At Least Once In Your Lifetime

I know- for a lot of people, the idea of skydiving doesn’t seem like one of the most appealing of situations out there. I mean, after-all, you are jumping out of a plane, and with all other details aside, the most a person can really do in this given scenario is follow exactly what your […]

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We Are Skydivers | Sky’s The Limit Skydiving

We are an unusual bunch ranging from eighteen to ninety – something, come from all walks of life, students to professors in quantum physics, doctors, military.  You name a profession, we probably have someone who does it.  With such a diverse group, what do we all have in common ………….. We all fall out of […]

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Famous Jumpers | Sky’s The Limit Skydiving Center

Over the years Sky’s The Limit had drawn out many different people from all over to jump at our skydiving center. There’s no question about it that when anyone famous jumped it drew a lot of hype and attention towards Sky’s The Limit.


The most recent to jump at Sky’s The Limit was Bam Margera who […]

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